The best time to visit Paris

eiffel tower in paris france

The best time to visit Paris

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The best time to visit Paris

did you ask about the best time to visit Paris?

The best time to visit Paris is the period from June to August and from September to October, and in the summer and fall seasons may differ, from June to August the weather in Paris is perfect, and the temperature begins to rise moderately, and there are long days of sunshine, unfortunately Summer is also the busiest time – and the most expensive, for lower travel prices and much shorter queues at attractions, plan your visit in the fall, seasonal foliage colors are known to surprise visitors, although the spring blossoms in the city are famous. Very also, if the travel deal is all that you are looking for, then a visit during the winter will definitely reduce travel expenses, keep in mind that Paris is one of the most visited cities in the world, seeing more than 30 million passengers annually so regardless of The time you visit, there will always be tourists and some crowds.

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photo of the louvre museum in paris france
did you ask about the best time to visit Paris?

June to August

Summer sees high average temperatures in the 1970s, which makes wandering through neighborhoods and enjoying sitting in an open-air cafe (outside) an absolute delight, but bear in mind, hordes of other tourists will struggle for a place to sit in the sun, this is the high tourist season in In the city, room rates and flights go up, but during the summer there is more to do than at other times of the year, the season offers free outdoor movie experiences and free concerts, not only that, but an artificial beach is formed along the Seine for baths. The sun, the biggest holiday in France is the Bastille Day holiday, while you will have more sunny days in the summer, and bear in mind that July is one of the rainiest months in the city, so take an umbrella.

main events:

  • Fete de St-Denis Festival (June)
  • – Fete de la Musique (June)
  • Tour de France (June)
  • Bastille Day holiday (June)

September October

If you want to experience less congestion while in Paris, but you don’t want to give up visiting during the good weather period, autumn is your best bet. The city experiences its highest levels in the 60s during September, and then drops to its lowest levels usually within a month. October With the lower grades between the 50s and the 40s, along with short queues at the top attractions, travelers will also benefit from the spectacle of beautiful seasonal foliage colors. Bear in mind that during Paris Fashion Week, which is usually held in the last week of September, it will be difficult. Find rooms in hotels.

main events:

  • Paris Fashion Week (September)
  • – Spring Festival Fete d’Automne (September – December)
  • Prix ​​de l’Arc de Triomphe (October)
  • Armistice Day (November)

November – February

The cooler seasons in Paris see temperatures between only 40 and 30 degrees during November, travelers may get a 50-day period, and you’ll need heavy – but elegant – coats essential at this time of year, if you dare to challenge the cold weather. You can save a few euros from the cost of staying in your hotel and from your trip, Paris rarely receives snow, and as much as it rains, usually December can be the rainiest months of the year. If you want to avoid rain, you should come during February, which is The second least rainy month in Paris, the last week of February is Paris Fashion Week, so expect hotel rooms to be few and far from the main places during this time.

main events :

  • – Le Salon Nautique de Paris (December)
  • Fete de St-Sylvestre Festival (December)
  • Paris Fashion Week (February-March)

March – May

Along with autumn, spring is the other season of attraction in Paris, and these months represent a temptation for travelers with slight reductions in hotel room rates, temperatures usually range between 40 to 60 degrees, and afternoon showers are more frequent in the subsequent spring months. (Especially in May), while temperatures may still be a bit chilly until May, travelers will be rewarded with the sight of colorful spring flowers dotting the beautiful gardens of Paris.

main events:

  • – Foire du Trone (March)
  • International Marathon of Paris (April)
  • VE Day (May)
  • French Open Tennis Championship (May-June)

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