How do you relax and enjoy the warmth in Paris

How do you relax and enjoy the warmth in Paris

30/12/2020 1 By mantowf team

The most amazing way to enjoy relaxing and relaxing activities in Paris

How do you relax and enjoy the warmth in the French capital?

When it is cold, rainy or dark in Paris, especially in late fall and winter, Finding things that is comfortable and relaxing is always essential.

Fortunately there are plenty of attractive and relaxing ways to experience “hygge” – that now-familiar Danish concept of comfort, warmth, and contentment – in the French capital.

Do not stay in this cold rain or endure the darkness for long, and do not be afraid to feel depressed,

Where you can reach for companionship, play with or cuddle a resident cat, warm up with a delicious and comforting hot drink, Or relax in a warm place to shop and have fun,

It is true that Paris does not have a special reputation as a city that encourages relaxation and warmth. But it could be a welcoming city in the winter if you know where to look. It may be a lavish metropolis, but it doesn’t have to be cold or impersonal.

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# 1 Feeling warm around tea and pastries

One of the most obvious but delicious ways to add some warmth to your Parisian stay,

You have to enter one of the excellent cafes in town to grab a cup of tea and maybe some delicious French pastries.

When it’s gloomy and dark – especially in November and early December – setting aside some afternoon tea after exploring the city is a foolproof way for everyone to warm up the dark.

Some of my favorite places for afternoon tea in town include Laduree.

It’s also famous for its macarons and Mariages Freres, which serve some of the best fine teas in town.

For a truly elegant outing, try drinking tea at the luxurious Ritz or Meurice.

# 2 Treat yourself to some hot chocolate

This is also closely related to the first item, which is drinking tea, but it is an activity worth mentioning, which is le chocolat chaud hot chocolate,

On an icy or dark winter day, there’s nothing incredibly soothing but nostalgia for a place like Angelina’s much-loved Angelina Café for a cup of a creamy and rich beverage of thick hot chocolate.

Whether you like chocolate with a little whipped cream, dark and bitter chocolate, or garnished with spices like ginger or pepper.

There are plenty of excellent connoisseurs of delicious things available to enjoy around town.

Why not indulge in a great taste after a brisk walk down the Jardin des Tuileries or after a full morning shopping and viewing the exhibits in the shop windows?

Are you a coffee drinker? Spend an afternoon witnessing the bustling weather outside from inside the cozy and old world charm of one of the classic cafe-brasseries restaurants and cafes in Paris.

You might even feel inspired to write a few lines of dramatic poetry in an old notebook.

# 3 Sit back and enjoy the warmth of an old cinema

Not everyone considers cinema to fall into the category of “hygge”.

But we disagree with that, as some days in the French capital are frankly miserable, with freezing snow or chilling winds that seem close to the North Pole,

This makes outdoor activities far from fun, especially on these annoying cold days,

Matinee show party or evening party at the cinema can be relaxing and inspiring,

Whether you are more willing to judge the latest Hollywood movies for yourself or you will get the double advantage of watching movies from classic directors,

The French capital is one of the best places in the world for movie lovers. On any given week, more than 300 films are shown on more than 100 screens around the capital.

We have a special preference for old and classic cinemas that have been familiar landmarks in Paris for decades.

The warm and often stunning interior,

White screens often qualify as warm relaxation spots with an intense dose of entertainment.

Some local favorites include Reflet Medicis, Cinema Champollion next door, and Cinema Studio 28, on a quaint street in the romantic and laid-back neighborhood of Montmartre.

# 4 Cuddle up with a cat at Chats Cafe

After arriving only a few years ago in the French capital, the small café idea enjoyed modest success among Parisians.

Although it didn’t say as much in cities like Tokyo, if you assume that you are not allergic and are not afraid of cats,

A more balanced way to spend an afternoon is to go to your local Cafe Chats.

The café and restaurant, which can be visited without reservations, houses about a dozen cats, all of whom have been rescued from animal shelters and are fully fed.

While there are many rules that are in place in the café, the place aims to protect cats and ensure their well-being (for example, you cannot try to hug them while you sleep),

For many people, the mere presence of cats adds to a feeling of comfort and relaxation.

So whether you’re having tea, lunch, or dinner, a couple of hours surrounded by animals known for their talents to hang out, sleep and pamper are sure to give your day an extra dose of emotional warmth.

Le Cafe des Chats9, Rue Sedaine, 11th arrondissement, metro: Bréguet-Sabin (line 5) or Bastille (lines 1, 5 or 8) Opening hours: Tuesday-Friday 12:00 noon to 10:30 pm, Saturdays And Sunday from 12:00 noon until 11:00 pm. Closed Mondays.

# 5 Enjoy a drink at a hidden bar

Unlike the English pub which is really cozy, the typical Parisian bar is not very comfortable,

Most of the traditional French cafes and bars offer more elegance and sophistication than their counterparts.

However there are some bars in the French capital that maintain a strong sense of style while also conveying the kind of comfort and serenity we all crave on certain days.

From the “Library Bar” at the St. James Hotel, filled with fine old books, to the pub-style bars behind the restaurants.

There are many convenient places to enjoy a cocktail or pre-dinner drink in Paris.

# 6 Enjoy a relaxing weekly lunch buffet

When the weekend approaches, my favorite pastime is a long, slow lunch. And preferably accompanied by a mimosa or bloody Mary, in fall and winter try to sit at a table near the fireplace.

Painfully, wood-fed fireplace fires are not present in Paris – and never rush to eat the meal, part of the comforting factor is the long time period of the meal!

Some of our favorite addresses for brunch with friends or family include The Hardware Society. It is an Australian owned resort with great breakfast creations and warm service, Big Love Cake, Serve classic dishes for breakfast like raspberry pancake with Italian toast.

# 7 Go to museum display windows

The beautifully covered galleries that decorate certain parts of Paris are some of the most elegant and warm places to tour in the city, especially on rainy or icy days.

It was built mostly during the 18th and 19th centuries and is the famous galleries known as arcades and corridors in French. that provide some comfort elements that are much needed in bad weather. It is also historically attractive and holds the charm of the old town, with mosaic tile floors, elaborate glass ceilings, ceiling panels, and ornate iron columns.

The true Parisian tradition is to spend a few hours shopping, while slowly making your way through the display windows. Many are closely related to each other in the Grands Boulevards,

Where you can see rare and beautiful books or maps, or enjoy antique jewelry,

Or find a dating game in the ancient world for a unique gift, in galleries like Vivienne you can enjoy lunch or tea before or after a stroll.

# 8 Enjoy the spirit of the Christmas holidays

Last but not least, the end of the year offers countless ways to enjoy some refreshment.

Including viewing Christmas lights and decorations, colorful shop windows to traditional holiday markets,

Foremost among the basic tenets of the Danish concept is overcoming the winter depression associated with a lack of daylight through relaxing rituals such as lighting by candles.

There is something comforting when walking through a souk lined with warm wooden stalls.

It smells like spicy wine and cinnamon, which invites you to warm your hands and stomach.

Also, be sure to check out the annual decorative lights and lights that appear around Paris each year.

And display the Christmas window in department stores like Galeries Lafayette and Printemps, In most years there is also a public menorah lit for the festival of Hanukah in the capital near the Eiffel Tower, allowing you to enjoy a warm glow of candles.

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