10 best cruises on the Seine in 2021

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10 best cruises on the Seine in 2021

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10 best cruises on the Seine in 2021

See Paris from the water

The famous river Seine is famous in the heart of Paris, and it slowly flows between the left and right banks and around the small island where Notre Dame is located. did you try the cruises on the Seine ?

Most of the city’s most famous landmarks can be seen from a stroll along the banks of the river (it is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites). But it looks somehow more magical than the boat on the water itself.

There are many options for a trip on the Seine, From the famous Bateaux Mouches open deck boat to the luxury ships serving gourmet meals and champagne while gliding into the water.

Some boats go out during the day, and some at night, and they vary in length and size. But their goal is the same: to get what could be the best view of the magnificent city of Paris.cruises on the Seine was my dream for years till i tried it, and i love it .

These are the best cruise options on the Seine:

eiffel tower
cruises on the Seine

# 1 Best Dinner On A Cruise: The Bateaux Parisiens Boat

The boat slowly floats in the Seine while you enjoy a gourmet three-course meal as the flash of the city in the background looks like a scene from a movie.

This tour departs from its location near the Eiffel Tower and takes place on a glass-domed boat, so it’s perfect in any weather.

The menu includes sample delicacies such as grilled chicken alongside carrot and potato marinated in aniseed, chocolate and raspberry millefeuille.

lets 8:30 PM as the departure time, the cruise also includes live music, and the tour lasts either 1.5 hours (for the 6:30 cruise) or 2.5 hours (for the 8:30 cruise),

The price includes both table wine and a glass of champagne. did you cruises on the Seine before ?

# 2 Best Lunch Cruise on the Seine: Paris Cruise

If you feel like the dinner cruise is a little formal or even a little late at night that it doesn’t suit your taste,

You can enjoy a meal on the water with a lunch cruise (which also saves you a few dollars).

The 2.5-hour cruise is organized in a similarly elegant glass boat and includes a spacious 3-course lunch, along with wines and canapes.

The menu includes options like duck foie gras on toast and t-bone steak with a side dish of sweet potato puree, and a French cheese meal.

A band of accordionists plays live traditional French music as it slowly floats by the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral.

# 3 Best Brunch Cruise Paris Seine River Brunch Cruise

Lunch may be the less formal meal available on cruises on the Seine.

But as far as meals go, snacking on the Seine is more amazing than most meals you might eat in your life, right?

Brunch is a fairly new concept for French people. Only after this middle-aged meal between brunch and brunch has made its way across the Atlantic in the past 10 to 15 years, Given the weight with which the French protect their traditional diet, the new encroachment on the meal plan is actually a big deal.

It is definitely a new idea for a river cruise, but it works well, especially on this boat. The boat features seats with armrests, all of which are outward-facing, making it primarily a comfortable and relaxing place.

With small tasty appetizers (pastries, fruits, salmon, etc.) and a warm cup of coffee or tea, Plus champagne toast if you like it, it’s just a really enjoyable experience everywhere. It’s not very formal, but it doesn’t have to be formal to be elegant, especially in Paris!

# 4 BEST DRINKING TOUR: Taste champagne on the Seine

France is famous for its wines and especially Champagne (as you probably know, if it’s from anywhere other than the actual Champagne region of France, then it’s not true Champagne and should be referred to as sparkling wine).

So why not combine adorable French activities and a drink in one big excursion,

This one-hour cruise includes full champagne tasting and lessons with an English-speaking “gourmet” sommelier as you cruise over the Seine and enjoy the views.

You will learn the difference between brut, demi-sec, and rosé, as well as how champagne is tasted and evaluated (it is a bit different to wine tasting but shares a lot of similarities with it).

All while the illuminated monuments around the city glide behind the windows in a frame of sheer luxury!

# 5 Best VIP Luxury Yacht Gourmet Dinner Cruise

Let’s be honest any cruise down the Seine is a luxury cruise … isn’t it?

But this trip takes it to another level, rather than the typical flat-bottomed boat.

Take a ride on the luxury Don Juan II yacht and enjoy a smooth ride on this ship while enjoying a multi-course tasting menu provided by the appropriate service staff and professional wine tasters.

Your table will be furnished with luxurious linens in the dining room inlaid with mahogany and brass, and when you’re done dining, you can relax in the spacious bar room, covered floors or al fresco to take pictures and admire the views at night.

The seasonal menu is prepared by the chef with the prestigious title Meilleur Ouvrier de France.

It includes both familiar French styles as well as some bold flavors to encourage guests to try something new on the trip.

It is an ideal experience and an ideal choice for couples looking for a romantic evening.

# 6 Best One-Hour Cruise: Bateaux Mouches

This is the classic river cruise – a large flat-bottomed boat with an open deck. From it you can see stunning views of the famous buildings along the Seine: Notre Dame Cathedral, Musée d’Orsay,

The Louvre Museum, Conciergerie (where Marie Antoinette spent her last night), and much more. It’s an amazingly affordable ride, it only lasts an hour and not an entire day of your time (or it gets kids bored),

You can pre-purchase your ticket via the Viator app, which allows you to access the boat without queuing. It is also a time saver, if you wish you can upgrade your tour to include a glass of champagne.

# 7 Hop-On / Hop-Off Tours: For sightseeing on the Seine

Most of the travelers are familiar with the highway bus tours.

Which organizes round buses trips all over the cities and stops at specific stops where you can get off and ride according to your desire.

This boat trip works in exactly the same way, and because so much of Paris’ sights are located along the river’s edge, they are surprisingly very informative tours.

You can buy a one or two day pass which you can then use to navigate up and down the river according to your desire. Or simply, you can enjoy a boat ride and go round a round (it takes 1.5-2 hours to complete a full tour, but there are many boats ready to go so you don’t have to wait long at any stop).

There are eight all-inclusive stops, including one near the Eiffel Tower, one near Notre Dame Cathedral, and one near the Louvre.

So if you are into sightseeing the big city, you’ll be able to visit those three (and more) sightseeing attractions on your list with ease. check on you tube the cruises on the Seine , sure you will love it .

# 8 Best Canal Trips: Seine River Cruise and Canals Tour

There are more waterways through Paris crossing the Seine, many of which were built by Napoleon as he modernized the city.

The second largest channel is Canal Saint Martin and can be recognized by someone who has watched the movie Amelie – this is where you jumped on the rocks, It is possible to access one canal from the other (and there are many other places) via a system of locks.

This modern cruise takes you down the Seine, then into the locking system (which is pretty cool in its own right – children, in particular, will enjoy watching the mechanics of the system)

To see more of the city from the waterways that run through its lesser known neighborhoods. It’s a trackless path that you can take on a boat, so if that tour is a more speedy one consider that.

Note that the round sometimes heads in the opposite direction. Where you can take a boat ride in the outer areas, then head to the city center.

Check back before booking so you know where to catch your boat

# 9 Best Full Day Trip On The Marne River Loop

The Seine River – Like basically all rivers, it connect to other waterways, and one of these passages is the Marne,

This cruise begins in front of the Orsay Museum in central Paris, and heads down the Seine. Through the monuments in the city and beyond, until eventually you reach the beautiful French countryside.

course lunch (with wine) serve you on board.

An English speaking guide explains the highlights as you pass by the ancient monuments in central Paris.

To stadiums and government buildings on its edges and even swan-filled meadows dotted with rural areas, farms and fishermen, the tour lasts about six hours. try to find the best price for cruises on the Seine.

# 10 Best Combined Tour: Eiffel Tower Dinner and Seine Tour

You won’t get anything better in Paris than this combined excursion that includes a special dinner in the evening with amazing views of the city.

The journey begins in a luxury car that will take you to the Eiffel Tower, you can take the elevator to the first floor (190 feet above the ground),

Sit in the luxurious 58 Tour Eiffel restaurant, to enjoy a 3-course meal while enjoying wine in the cityscape. At the conclusion of dinner a short stroll will take you to the edge of the Seine.

Where you can take your own glass boat for a cruise down the Seine,

And watch the city of lights Paris facing the sky on a dark night.

At the end of the trip, you will meet your driver at the base of the Eiffel Tower for a comfortable trip to the hotel.

did you try cruises on the Seine? and do you like cruises on the Seine