Britain unveils another new strain of Corona COVID-20

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Britain unveils another new strain of Corona COVID-20


Yes it is contagious even more … Britain unveils another new strain of Corona
The British Minister of Health confirmed that his country discovered another new strain of Corona virus in two patients in Britain, indicating that the new strain features a link with South Africa.
The British Health Minister Matt Hancock said at a news conference at the ministry’s headquarters in Downing Street, Wednesday, that the 2 cases were in touch with people that came to the country from South Africa during the past few weeks. YES IT IS Corona COVID-20

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Both those that had the new “mutated Corona virus” and people who had contact with them were quarantined,
Hancock said: “This new mutated virus is extremely worrying because it’s more transmissible and appears to possess mutated quite the mutated virus that appeared days ago in Britain.”
The Minister of Health said that the government is “incredibly grateful to the South African government for the accuracy of their scientific research, the openness and transparency with which they acted, as we did once we discovered a replacement mutated virus here.”

The discovery of the primary new strain of the epidemic was announced earlier this December, and it’s believed that it began in September within the “Kent” region, southeast of England.
The strain sparked global panic and led to the isolation of england from the planet , after dozens of nations closed flights and airspace to British flights.


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100 million additional doses of Pfizer vaccine for the United States

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Pfizer and Biontec will provide the United States with an additional 100 million doses of the “Covid-19” vaccine under a second agreement, according to what the two companies announced, Wednesday, and expected all doses to be delivered by July 31.

Pfizer has entered into a contract to supply the US government with 100 million doses of its vaccine, which requires two doses per patient.
Under the new deal, valued at $ 2 billion, the two companies will deliver at least 70 million additional doses by June 30, with the remaining 30 million doses delivered by July 31. The government also has an option to receive an additional 400 million doses.

The US Secretary of Health and Human Services, Alex Azar, said in a statement that the latest deal could give people confidence “that we will have enough supplies to vaccinate every American who wants that by June 2021.”

The Pfizer vaccine is the first of its kind to receive permission for emergency use from the US Food and Drug Administration. The first shipments of it went to the states last week.
vaccine from Moderna, was developed in close cooperation with scientists from the National Institutes of Health.

Moderna Corporation’s vaccine requires two doses as well, and comes under the umbrella of the government’s special efforts, which is called the “high speed” process.

This joint effort between the public and private sectors aims to prepare millions of doses of the vaccine and make them available for shipment once it obtains approval from the Food and Drug Administration.

The Associated Press had reported earlier that the US government was close to reaching a new deal with Pfizer, in exchange for helping the pharmaceutical giant gain better access to manufacturing supplies.

A law dating back to the Korean War gives government authority to direct private companies to produce important goods in times of national emergency, known as the “Defense Production Act,” and is expected to be used to help Pfizer secure some of the raw materials needed for a vaccine.

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