The best and most beautiful hotels in the Maldives

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The best and most beautiful hotels in the Maldives

Overview of Maldives hotels

Do you dream of an island for a perfect vacation?

Hotels in the Maldives are without a doubt among the most beautiful in the world, think of isolated private islands,

mock villas built – seemingly – over the water, and lavish beach lagoons.

Maldives beach

There are actually more than 1,000 coral islands in the Maldives, spread over the line of 26 natural atolls,

and the resorts are located on just over 100 islands, which range in size widely, and part of the reason the islands charm is their uniqueness – none. Two with the same properties and shape.

The largest islands that include the largest resorts are located close to the city of Mali, the capital of the Maldives, and North Male Atoll is one of the most developed atolls in the Maldives,

and its resorts can be easily accessed by boat and do not require long transfers by sea plane,

it is important to note that Because transportation costs are additional to room rates.

When to go: February to April is the peak period,

the low season runs from May to November with often cloudy skies and high humidity.

lets start with the best hotels in the Maldives

# 1 Gili Lankanfushi

Location: Lankanfushi Island – the northern reef of Mali – 20 minutes by speedboat from Male.

This hotel is a “hidden haven from the world”,

and this hotel is not only one of the most beautiful hotels in the Maldives, as visitors called it the best hotel in the world in 2015,

it also won many awards for global travel.

The luxurious and sumptuous country-style villas at the hotel are among the largest in the Maldives, and are built using sustainable materials (including planted teak and recycled telegraph poles),

each with a thatched roof, private sundeck and outdoor bathroom.

Some even have their own water hammocks for added relaxation. The detached villas are completely independent and only accessible by boat.

You can leave your shoes behind and forget to keep up with the daily news and stress when visiting this hotel because both are banned,

it’s the perfect getaway for ultimate relaxation and relaxation!

Rooms: 45 villas over water.

Prices: Expect to pay around 2,850 rupees per night during high season, this includes breakfast and taxes / service charges. Prices drop to around 1,900 rupees per night during the low season.

Facilities: Spa, yoga, diving center, water sports, tennis court, swimming pool, organic garden, libraries and boutiques,

also 2 restaurants, underground wine cellar, chocolate cave and overwater bar as cooking lessons are offered.

# 2 Velaa Private Island

the second best hotels in the Maldives ,

Location: Noonu Atoll Reef – 45 minutes by seaplane from Mali (or 4 hours luxury yacht ride).

Ever wondered what to do if you were rich enough to own your own island?

Velaa Private Island is a “luxury”-view haven owned by a Czech billionaire, and rumors say he invested $ 220 million to realize his dream.

The name Velaa comes from the marine turtles that inhabit the island and feature prominently in the hotel’s contemporary design.

Privacy and comfort are the focus of Velaa Private Island, and you will find it difficult to choose between beachfront accommodations and play in the water, as they are both elegant and luxurious in soothing colors,

all equipped with personal butler, and attractive outdoor spaces with outdoor dining areas, bathrooms and daybeds And private swimming pools,

however the overwater villas also have glass display panels on the floors of the living rooms, facing either sunrise or sunset.

For the ultimate in honeymoon fun, book the exclusive one-bedroom, bath-view romantic residence. Swimming pool, and can only be reached by boat.

Rooms: 43 villas and residences,

18 of them are over the water, the largest of which contains four bedrooms,

distributed on two levels along a private beach.

Prices: Expect to pay around 3,400 rupees per night during high season, this includes breakfast and taxes / service fee. Prices drop to around 2,000 rupees an increase per night during the low season.

Facilities: spa, yoga, golf course, tennis court, diving center,

fleet of marine vessels (including submarine and luxury yachts),

kids club, swimming pool, shops, library, three restaurants, and two bars (one of them is by the pool) with DJ,

and the largest collection of wines and champagnes in the Maldives.

# 3 Cheval Blanc Randheli

Location: Randheli Island – Noonu Atoll Reef – 40 minute seaplane ride from Male.

You would expect a hotel owned by the Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy luxury fashion group, and Cheval Blanc Randhillie definitely not disappointing,

as it was designed by the architect Jean-Michel Gathy, who is widely known for his opulent designs.

Cheval Blanc Randheli is stylish, modern and glamorous – it has the best villas in the Maldives, they are modern with natural materials and materials blended softly in the design, you cannot decide whether you prefer an island or a water villa?

Built on stilts over the lagoon, The Garden Water Villas open onto a lush private garden in the back, so you get the best of both worlds.

Art is a feature of the hotel, with so many pieces specially commissioned by Vincent Beaurin, don’t expect to see a flashy display of Louis Vuitton logos and labels.

Nevertheless, the hotel goes far beyond this in terms of distinction.

Rooms: 46 villas, all with private pools, the 4-bedroom Owner’s Villa is located on its own private island.

Prices: around 3,800 rupees an increase per night during high season,

this includes breakfast and taxes / service charges. Prices drop to around 2,200 rupees per night during the low season.

Facilities: spa, yoga, diving center, kids club and teen club, Turkish bath, swimming pool, exclusive products offer for sale in boutiques, 5 restaurants, bars, wine and cigars cellars where personalized experiences and activities are available .

there are more of best hotels in the Maldives

# 4 Soneva Jani

Location: Noonu Atoll Reef – Medhufaru Island – 35 minutes by seaplane from North Male.

Like the previous Soneva Fushi hotel, the hotel was designed by Eva Shivdasani, one of the founders of Soneva, and there is no doubt that the highlight of each villa is the retractable ceiling in the master bedroom, so you can sleep with the stars in the bed at the touch of a button, some water villas feature Also by slide from the upper deck directly to the sea.

This island was once an agricultural island, and guests can continue walking and wandering through the organic gardens that provide fresh plantations for the hotel’s kitchen.

Rooms: 25 villas (24 water villas and one villa on the island), each with its own saltwater pool.

Rates: Expect to pay around 4,200 rupees per night during high season. , rates are 2,300 rupees per night ,

Facilities: spa, yoga, diving center, dolphin trekking, tennis court, kids club,

observatory with high power telescope, outdoor cinema, library, boutique, swimming pool, five restaurants, and wine cellar.

# 5 Amilla Fushi

Location: Baa Atoll Reef – 30 minutes by seaplane from North Male or 10 minutes by speedboat from Dharavandhoo Domestic Airport.

While overwater villas are abundant in the Maldives, and tree-house villas at Amilla Fushi are something extraordinary, located over palm trees on stilts 12 meters high,

and they also have their own spa rooms and swimming pools, of course if you prefer to be closer. To the water, reefs and beach houses are available (all with private pools as well).

The name of the island means “home island”,

they start in early 2015 and was designed by a company owned by two Australians. The famous hotel chef, Luke Mangan, is Australian. The hotel is all about lifestyle, where the focus is on bringing together the family. And friends to eat delicious and fun in a relaxed atmosphere,

there is also the food market that offers various cuisines from all over the world and here you will never feel hungry.

Rooms: 67 villas.

Prices: 2,200 rupees, , and this includes breakfast and taxes / service charges. Prices drop to around 1,200 rupees per night during the low season, and there is different accommodation offers

Facilities: spa, yoga, huge water sports center (the hotel is 10 minutes by speedboat from Hanifaru Bay marine area), tennis courts, football field, kids club, babysitting, photography studio, many restaurants, rooftop bar , Swimming pool, and wine cellar.

# 6 St. Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort

Location: Vommuli Island – Dhaalu Atoll Reef – a 45-minute seaplane ride in the southwest of Mali.

You can stay over the water at this new resort and also you can eat and drink on the water too to enjoy the ultimate sea experience, the hotel’s Whale Bar stands out in the ocean and is the perfect place to watch the sunset!

If that weren’t enough, the hotel also has an overwater Iridium Spa, which has a health focus, and has an Ayurveda specialist, acupuncture treatment, a hydrotherapy pool, private steam rooms, and spa cuisine.

This new luxury hotel in the Maldives opened in late 2016, on a private 22-acre island, definitely set up to facilitate relaxation and rejuvenation.

Rooms: 77 villas all with their own bathrooms.

Prices: Expect to pay around 2,000 rupees an increase per night during high season, this includes breakfast and taxes / service charges. Prices drop to around 1,500 rupees an increase per night during the low season.

Facilities: Spa, diving center, water sports center, tennis court, fitness center, kids club, entertainment area, four restaurants, two bars, swimming pool, library, underground wine cellar.

# 7 Six Senses Laamu

Location: Olhuveli Island – Laamu Atoll Reef – 40 minutes by plane from Mali to Kadhuhoo Airport and then another 15 minutes by boat.

This resort has mastered the art of elegant ecological coexistence, with the feeling and atmosphere of the islands for Robinson Crusoe characters, discarded in American movies, rustic villas and modern furnishings are made of wood that is grown in sustainable forests, cushions with colorful cloth add ,

did you know more information about this hotel .?

this not the last best hotels in the Maldives , there is more

the service can be better or change in the hotels that will change the order of the the best hotels in the Maldives

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⚠️ أذا وصلك منع من النشر أو مخالفة فهذا احتراما لك وفرصة ثانية لتبقى في هذه المجموعة النظيفة | أنذرا من ثم طرد في حال التكرار فلن يبقى هنا غير المفيدين والمهتمين بالمصلحة العامة وهو هدف وجودنا
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💚 اذا كنت تعيش في هذا البلد ولديك معلومات مفيدة لا تبخل بنشرها يوميا وهذا سبب وجود المجموعة والموافقة تكون فورية… وستجد مباشرة انك أصبحت مديرا هنا ( نبحث عن شخص مفيد لباقي الأعضاء, هل انت شخص مفيد للمجتمع ؟ )
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🔴الشحاذة وطلب المال حتى لو كان طلبك حقيقي
🔴السحر و الشعوذة وشيوخ الدجل واي نوع من أنواع النصب
🔴تكرار المنشور أو النشر عبر برامج | يصلنا أشعار من فيسبوك
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⚡خدمة مدفوعة👈 أذا اردت زيادة متابعين انستغرام أو يوتيوب أو غيرها وتفعيل الربح عرب قناة يوتيوب أو بناء عمل على الانترنت أو حساب نتفلكس أو عمل تمارين رياضية للتخسيس أو حل مشاكل نفسية أو زوجية أين ما كنت في العالم تواصل مع الصفحة فريق عمل محترف ولطيف من فرنسا و بلجيكا
أخوتي في الله, ملاحظة مهمة :
في حال تواصلت مع صاحب المنشور وكان هناك مشكلة أو كلام مناقض لمنشوره
1 قم بالتبليغ عن المنشور فورا
2 اكتب تعليق توضيحي عن المشكلة بدون أي لغة مسيئة
3 أعطي رأيك بموضوعية لأنه سيتم حرمان او حذف صاحب المنشور المخالف وتبليغ فيسبوك
🟢 كل هذا كله لخلق مجموعة نظيفة مفيدة لمجتمع راقي هنا
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