10 best beaches in Santorini – Greece

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10 best beaches in Santorini – Greece

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10 best beaches in Santorini – Greece

Enjoy the gorgeous beaches of Santorini – a volcanic island with colorful sand, azure waters, and activities for water sports enthusiasts. Every Santorini beach offers a different setting, so we decided to bring you a guide.

beautiful beaches and dramatic landscapes characterize the Santorini coast: the island’s volcanic sand and pebbles , crystal waters and rocky landscapes make it an exceptional natural area for beach-goers to explore.

Whether you want a secluded dip, a vibrant cosmopolitan resort, or more lively activities, the best beaches in Santorini will never disappoint.

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# 1 Red Beach

This world famous beach enchants the eyes. The red volcanic rock backdrop not only creates stunning landscapes but also provides shelter from the strong Aegean winds.

You can take a dip or sunbathe on the lounge chairs provided by the many taverns and beach bars. There is parking nearby, but you can also travel by bus from Fira, or you can also take a water taxi from the nearby village and ancient Akrotiri site.

Make sure to take the right shoes with you, as you will be on a bumpy road to reach the beach. by the way it is one of the best beaches in Santorini .

# 2 Monolithos Beach

There is a lot of outdoor activities on this gorgeous black sand beach. However, it is rarely to be full of tourist ,

You can practice surfing, basketball and volleyball, and the beach has enough sunbeds and places to sip traditional coffee or Greek coffee.

The atmosphere there is for families, as the shallow waters are ideal for kayaking. Monolithos available on Santorini’s east coast, and can be use bus or car to get there . more to come of the beautiful beaches in Santorini

# 3 Perivolos Beach

You can admire stunning views of the Santorini Caldera from the black lava sand and the pebble beach. This lively beach is equipped with sunbeds as well as a shower corner, water sports options, beach volleyball courts and a wide choice of food and drink – featuring everything from local pubs to stylish beachfront cafés and lively beach bars. Buses to Perivolos leave regularly from Fira.

# 4 Vourvoulos Beach

The white rocks encircling Furvolos Beach create beautiful scenery. The beach itself is vast enough that it never gets crowded, and it is full of sunbeds and parasols.

The beach is somewhat lacking in the beach bars and outdoor activities , you can be find on many of Santorini’s other beaches, but that means you can relax in peace with the readers of your favorite book.

Don’t miss the scenic fishing port nearby, full of well-known bars serving some of the most delicious food in Santorini.

# 5 Perissa Beach

On this active, blue flag-winning beach, visitors rest on sunbeds until sunset, you can enjoy cocktails and a soundtrack , there is also international DJs can play in the gorgeous beach bars. bar beaches in Santorini

It is also an interesting place to practice water sports, be it jet skis or banana boats. Visitors can also visit the ruins of ancient Thera. Smaller taxi boats connect Perissa to Camari, as well as regular bus service.

# 6 Kamari Beach

Scuba diving in pristine waters is a highlight of this blue flag-winning beach, just six kilometers (3.37 miles) from Fira.

The beach is located in the coastal village of Kamari, at the foot of the Mesa Fono Mountain and can be reached by bus or car.

The pristine seashore has quiet areas to enjoy the shade and seclusion under the trees; It is also well equipped with comfortable sun loungers and parasols.

You can try some activities like snorkeling or surfing. Cafés and restaurants line the beach side, along with the quaint gift shops that are worth taking a look at.

Al fresco dining with a movie under the stars at an open-air movie theater is the perfect combination at the Kamari. more beautiful beaches in Santorini ?

# 7 White Beach

The distinctive white cliffs encircling this small beach add another geological backdrop to your seaside day.

Swim in gorgeous tranquility, or stretch out on a sunbed in this little piece of heaven. There aren’t any additional restaurants or facilities except their own canteen, so be sure to bring some supplies with you. It is located near the Red Beach, so you will need to take a boat taxi to get there.

# 8 Eros Beach

On the south side of Santorini lies secluded Eros Beach, surrounded by picturesque cliffs naturally carved out by the winds.

Lie under a thatched canopy or take a refreshing dip in the clear waters, away from the crowds and commercial spots on some of Santorini’s beaches.

The trendy beach bar offers signature music and serves excellent cocktails and Greek coffee along the pebble beach.

This comfortable option, accessible by car along a dirt road, is well worth a visit.

# 9 Koloumbos Beach

You can get away from it all and get some tranquility and natural beauty on this beach that stretches 4 km (2.5 miles) from Oia.

A true hidden gem, shaded by small cliffs, it is a holiday haven for those looking to escape the attractions.

The place does not provide any facilities, so be prepared if you want to spend the day in this place, as you can only reach it by car.

# 10 Exo Gialos

If you want a yam beach Go on foot from Fira, this small port is only 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) from town.

On either side of the harbor are two beaches of black sand and pebbles, where you can admire the rock formations.

One side offers sunbeds, bars, and a seafood restaurant, while the other side is almost no human visit it – meaning you can simply go with your towel and umbrella to soak in the sun or swim at your leisure.

i can say that Santorini beaches took my heart from the first visit ,

yes i have visited again , and i will visit the beaches in Santorini every time i have the chance .

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what about you do you think there is better than beaches in Santorini ?